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desktopsites products and services are available for purchase from any of our authorized value-added resellers and IT Consultants who develop and implement innovative, high-performance solutions for a broad range of businesses across multiple industries.

You may also contact desktopsites directly for purchase inquires.



Konect Elite is sold on an annual subscription / per user model. Please refer to desktopsites Licensing Explained document for further information on licensing.


Contact info

desktopsites Inc.

#250, 3359 - 27th Street NE
Calgary, AB
T1Y 5E4 Canada

Phone:1+ 403.538.0105
Toll Free Phone: 1.866.280.8292 (Canada & USA only)
Fax: 403.735.6351
Phone:01133 226100 (U.K. / International)
Toll Free Phone: 1.866.780.8035 (U.K. / International)


      Unlimited Konect Elite licenses for every Microsoft RDS CAL or Citrix XenApp license you own.

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